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Corporate Finance Program
CFO Service and Practical Finance Director Training Program
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Financial Institution Training Program
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Corporate Finance Program

Corporate Finance Program

For companies satisfying investment criteria of foreign investors (such as operate in manufacturing and services supply industry, made profit for the last 2 years, has growing trend, would be listed in the nest 3-5 year, has transparent financial statement…), PTI and AFC offer corporate finance consultancy servcice, under which PTI and AFC assist the company in developing the business plan, determining company’s value, constructing investment terms and conditions to offer to potential strategic investors,  negotiating with investor and executing the investment agreement. 

This service brings following benefits for the companies:

 - Provide businesses with development strategy orientation, uphold and maximize strengths and business opportunities.

 - Set up short term and long term financial plan with variety scenarios to define risks that business may face with, from which proper solution are ditermined.

 - Valuate the company’s value, providing the solutions to maximize its value when negotiating with potential strategic investors.

 - Base on actual circumstances, PTI would structure the appropriate solutions for companies to get maximun benefit when copoerating with strategic partners..

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